Panasonic launches next generation of Air Purification: Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoe™X Mark 3

Panasonic has made a name for itself in the field of air purification technology with its nanoe™X technology.

Now, Panasonic has launched the first units with its Mark 3 technology incorporated: the MY3 VRF cassette and Etherea wall-mounted air conditioners. After the end of cooling or heating operation, the inside of the units is automatically cleaned and dried, preventing mould growth and guaranteeing hygienic operation.

MY3 VRF modular cassettes

With a height of 250 mm, the new MY3 VRF cassettes are particularly suitable for low ceilings and blend into its surroundings with a ceiling panel of just 30 mm. Four individually controllable air outlets also ensure perfect air distribution without the feeling of cold draughts.

In addition, the units offer a wide range of options for simple, intuitive operation and control, such as the intelligent, versatile Panasonic CONEX controller, the AC Smart Cloud and AC Service Cloud as well as VRF Smart Connectivity+.

Etherea air conditioners

The Etherea Z series also come with the latest generation of the nanoe™X air purification system. The units achieve the highest energy efficiency class A+++. In addition, the air conditioners offer enhanced connectivity with integrated WLAN and Bluetooth in combination with the intuitive app control. With a width of only 870 mm and available in matt white and graphite grey colours, there’s an option to suit any interior. The units can also heat down to -20°C for an extremely efficient solution. In addition to the automatic cleaning inside the unit with nanoe™X, a special coating has been added to the operating fans, which prevents dust from accumulating on the surfaces and certain bacteria and mould spores from forming.

Natural air purification with hydroxyl radicals

nanoe™X works without filters and uses hydroxyl radicals, which occur in nature, to purify the air. The nanoe™X generator Mark 3 emits 48 trillion purifying hydroxyl radicals per second, five times the amount of its predecessor, and thus tackles airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, mould and odours even faster and more effectively.

Panasonic’s nanoe™X Mark 3 is completely maintenance-free. The energy consumption of the pure air purification function in “fan-only mode” is also very low. While filter-based purification systems only clean the air when they draw it through the filter, with nanoe™X the hydroxyl radicals are distributed evenly throughout the room.