Panasonic R290 Heat Pump Installation installed in 1970s two-bedroom bungalow

Expert installer in renewables, Plug Me In, retrofitted a 1970s two-bedroom bungalow in Birkenhead from a gas combi boiler to a Panasonic Aquarea L Series air-to-water heat pump.

Installer Plug Me In, a Panasonic Pro-Partner installing air source heat pumps on a national scale, recommended a Panasonic 7 kW Aquarea L-Series that utilises R290 refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only three. The solution includes a Panasonic All-in-One indoor unit that houses both the hot water tank and hydraulic unit.

The Panasonic solution seamlessly transitions from a combi-gas boiler to a heat pump, using many of the existing radiators to minimise costs. The couple opted for the Panasonic L Series as a climate-conscious decision to enhance sustainability and future proof their home.

Homeowner Derek Softley commented: “It was an environmental decision that we researched extensively. On Plug Me In’s recommendation, the Panasonic Aquarea L Series All-in-One heat pump was seamlessly fitted in our kitchen. Most importantly, we have a warm house and hot water”.

The Panasonic L Series Aquarea heat pump has an array of capacities with a compact footprint that allows for ease of indoor installation. Seeking a product that fit the home’s size restrictions, the All-in-One unit’s subtle design and wide range of 5, 7 and 9 kW capacities meant the unit flawlessly blended into the couple’s kitchen.

Steve Challinor, Director of Technical Services for Plug Me In, explained why the Aquarea L Series was ideal for this project: “We used the All-in-One unit in the kitchen, located where the old gas boiler was originally. We wanted to fit a stylish unit with a quiet operation. The Panasonic option was quick and easy to install, incorporating a hot water tank and hydraulic unit. The Panasonic Smart Cloud control system pre-empts homeowner queries by monitoring performance”.

Derek added: “If we require assistance, the connection between the Wiser App and the Panasonic Smart Cloud control system alerts Plug Me In, who can provide fast and reliable rectification remotely.”

Built with Wi-Fi included, the L Series empowers homeowners with effortless management of their heating systems through real-time monitoring and intuitive, intelligent controls. The Panasonic Smart Cloud control system and connected Wiser app uses consumption tracking and remote diagnostics to reduce the inconvenience of waiting for an appointment with an expert installer.

The new Panasonic L Series Aquarea heat pump delivers water outlet temperatures of 75°C down to -10°C and SCOP of up to 5.6, upholding excellent efficiency and earning an A+++ Energy Class.

Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pump unit offers efficient integration into the home, and advances excellence in sustainable HVAC technology, making it a compelling choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

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