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  1. I am a gas trainer/assessed and the only reason gas engineers get training is because they have to. The only way to make people more aware and get trained properly is to enforce the regs and dish out a few fines for non compliance

  2. Those who are trainers and assessors, colleges and alike are only too happy to have more enforced training put upon gas and heating engineers. It is high time that gas and heating engineers stop being used as a soft target for profiteering puposes. A Classic example is the requirements for Green Deal where it looks as though although already having the necessary qualifications to work as a gas engineer and being registered with Gas Safe Register, we will need to pay again to be deemed compitent to install a boiler under Green Deal. Gas Safe Register on behalf of the health and safety executive already have inspectors who undertake to maintain standards and we undertake reassessment as required already. So who will benefit from paying another fee for another assessment? not the heating engineer!

    • I totally agree with you. It’s getting silly the amount of changes that are being made which actually cover the same as decent heating engineers have been doing for years anyway. It all about getting the government etc more money but how about the actual engineers who are going out of Buisness because they can’t afford to carry on paying out all these different bills.

      No wonder there are so many dodge plumbers/heating engineers out there as there are now just too many different tickets to get just to do one thing. It’s getting pathetic. Times are hard enough without having to get more qualifications for the exact same thing as we have already done.

      Rant over.

  3. I blame thatcher and the tories for decimating the trade. plumbers used to plumb and Gas fitters dealt with gas. enough said

  4. This is a classic example of those who can’t dictating to those who can.
    Most systems are equipped with high temperature safe guards in any case.
    Some Combi Boilers are so miserable on flow rates, reducing the temperature of the water filling the bath to the required 43degC, will result in a bath on the lower side of luke warm.
    Lets have some common sense, sure the most vulnerable require safe guards, but this is way OTT.
    Next thing they’ll be telling us we have to have to put hand rails and alarm call points in all domestic bathrooms.

  5. There is an apparent shortage of plumbing & heating engineers in the UK (I personAlly don’t see it, there’s more & more popping up every week) but given that government perceives a shortage, why are they imposing more & more unneeded regulations. The British public are capable of looking after themselves when they bathe. For centuries we have been using hot water MUCH less safely than we are nowadays, who remembers sitting in a tin bath with your Mum pouring a kettle full of hot water into it? No thermostats then were there!
    We can all drown in a bath by the way, surely we must all use showers instead..

  6. Hello Barry,

    I am sure that You know that 43 degrees is still too hot to put your hand into – a person could definitely not tolerate getting their body into that temperature of water.

    Regarding filling a Bath – what will happen is that people will have to use more Hot water in Baths to get to the level that they want – there will have to be a larger percentage of Hot water – obviously some Heat will be radiated / lost [as usual] from the Bath while it is filling up and as You mentioned this can be very slowly when the Hot water is supplied from the smaller output Combi`s.

    This will cost more each time because more Hot water / Gas / Electricity [Immersion] is being used for a Bath / reheating the Hot water.


    • It doesnt matter what % of hot water you put in, it’s still the same amount of energy. It’s either a small amount of hot water or a large amount of tepid water, but the same amount of energy. The time it takes to fill the bath would only make a very small difference. If it is low temp water filling the bath only a small % will be lost through convection

  7. Constraining us all to a TMV is unnecessary and costly, not just for the fitting but the maintenance and increased risk of legionella.

    TMV are a nuisance requirement for the vast majority of domestic properties.

    The large majority of people within these home shave the capacity to ensure that we don prolong our skin to temperatures that can scold.

    The requirement for TMV is an overplay, suggesting they should be used in all upgrades is unnecessary.

    They are only a necessity for VULNERABLE person.

    Social workers,occupational therapist or doctor who have such patients already have the ability to prescribe TMV be fitted into their homes.


  8. I totally agree that thermostatic mixing valves should only be fitted where there is a duty of care such as in care homes and the like,
    But fitting them in domestic homes is just not on as they reduce the temperature at source & by the time the water reaches point of use it is well below the temperature that it is reduced to, time & time again I have been asked to remove these by developers after the build has been passed by building inspector,
    Like the previous post said, people are not numptys when running a bath,
    I would like to see the figures over the course of a year that people have been scalded by hot baths,

  9. Interesting reading all your comments some of which are true and frustrating .
    Does anyone take notice when there’s money involved ? Just completed the re-assessment proses five years comes around so quickly these days.
    Good luck to all legal and genuine plumbers and gas engineers in 2015 .

  10. I am all for sensible legislation that does offer protection to the public. Looking at the TRV legislation it would seem incumbent on the tap manufacturers starting to manufacture taps that have regulation inbuilt (similar to thermostatic showers) rather than having to fit an extra piece of hardware. Commenting on a previous reply, it is not only the ‘vunerable’ that are in need of protection. Young children are often left in the bath to have a splash around and you do not need to stretch your imagination too far to see that there is the possibility of scalding there.
    Taking the governments concerns further why are we still allowed to buy vehicles capable of grossly exceeding the speed limit on our roads ? If regulation was needed then I feel this is prime candidate – fitting vehicles with speed inhibitors thus taking away the ability of idiots to tear down roads and motorways at 100 miles and hour plus.

    • the problem is even when the bath filler is thermostatic you still have to fit a tmv ,tmv’s are a pain for ever failing im yet to see one set anywhere except max because if you fit it any lower the customer will be complaining so tthe fitting is just paying lip service to the regs


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