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  1. Being a little short of business recently I decided to sub contract to another company involved in ECO deal gas installations & Green Deal work. What an eye opener….on the day of the interview I ended up interviewing them. Firstly , they were clueless about gas installation work, a lot of my questions totally floored them. Secondly they expect every installer to carry out a survey of the property involved in the process & complete that installation from start to finish. I think the most frightening thing about this company, & a lot of others, is they have nobody overseeing the quality of work being carried out & absolutely no care or compassion for the people that matter most….the customer. What is the point of this letter you may ask ? Well I’ve decided to go down the green deal ,eco deal route myself….they don’t make thinks easy do they ?
    I mean I’ve got virtually a full acs gas ticket, I’ve got a certificate in energy efficiency, I’ve got 40 years experience in the trade, I’m gas safe registered…..I just want more work, preferably without all the hoop jumping.


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