PHCA calls for action

PHCA, the overarching body for plumbing and heating businesses throughout the United Kingdom, has written an open letter to the HSE calling for it to take action on the findings outlined in its 2010 Enforcement Review document.
The initial review was carried out in 2010 and many in the industry took part believing that they were helping to instigate some long needed changes to the area of enforcement and illegal gas work. Many of these changes have yet to be implemented.
PHCA has had growing concerns for a number of months about the contents of the review document particularly given that there appears to have been a reluctance to release it to industry stakeholders. The HSE comment in a recent issue of Registered Gas Engineer magazine: ‘that there was no evidence that respondents wanted fundamental change’ did not fit with views received from registered gas engineers who have expressed a strong desire for change. After several failed attempts to gain access to the report, it was finally released by HSE under a Freedom of Information Act request.
John Thompson, Chief Executive, APHC (pictured left) commented: “It is clear that many stakeholders want activity on enforcement and illegal gas work to be increased. We suspected that the review document would highlight the changes needed but we cannot understand why the HSE are reluctant to act on some of the more important findings detailed. We feel that we had no other option than to write to the HSE and make this debate public to ensure that the industry gets the outcomes that many have worked towards for some time. We have requested a meeting at which our concerns can be addressed. ”
A full copy of the Gas Enforcement Review document can be downloaded from the Gas Safe Register Website:

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