Pipe clips – What installers need to know

Mike Morris, Marketing Manager of Talon, explains how there is more to the “humble” pipe clip than meets the eye:

It’s amazing that something so small as a pipe clip can keep people safe, save time and money – and, in the hands of some installers, become a work of art.

Let’s take safety first. Identification Clips are designed to identify pipework supplying gas (yellow), hot water (red) and cold water (blue). Sometimes installers will lift floorboards or open cupboards and be faced with a maze of pipework. But instead of having to trace each one back to the source, installing Identification Clips makes it quick and easy for future installers working on the pipework and homeowners to safely identify which pipes are carrying what around their houses.

Certain clips can also save time and effort, like the EZ Joist Clip, for instance. In some situations, unless you can contort yourself like an octopus or hang upside down like a bat, you will have limited space when hammering in the pipe clip. This can become unsafe and cost time. Instead, the EZ Joist clips fix the pipe in place when it is already in-situ and multiple clips can be joined together for extended runs and complex configurations. All sizes of the clip can be seamlessly connected via a dovetail joint, ensuring uniform pipe spacing and an aesthetically pleasing finish. No more contortions, all thanks to a small, well-designed clip.

Then of course, there is the copper pipework jobs that some installers are able to make into a true statement piece in any home or commercial setting. Shoaib Awan, also known as ‘The Gas Expert’ on Instagram, finds deep satisfaction in his pipework and has amassed a following of thousands. His work is incredibly precise, every copper pipe perfectly straight and aligned. He carefully solders each pipe rather than using push fit fittings, often placing composite panels or brushed aluminium sheets behind the boilers and adding in colourful LED lighting to highlight his stunning pipework. His themed installs (including Batman, Harry Potter, Iron Man and Lord of the Rings) which can take months of planning, sourcing and working on, plus hours to actually put together, have sent Instagram wild. And Talon’s pipe clips and rings play their part too.

“I went to a customer’s house who was a Batman fan,” said Shoaib. “I wanted to do a really nice install so when I went home, I thought a lot about the whole thing. I used Talon rings, took them apart and sprayed them all black. Then I posted the video on Instagram and got a big response. It went absolutely crazy. All the clips I ever use are Talon, the metal rings, the pipe rings. I have sprayed them: the Batman ones were sprayed black, the Iron Man ones red, but the plastic ones come in different colours. The whole look is always finished by the rings.”

For us at Talon and without doubt, for many others across the industry, the appreciation for a great installation like these will never grow old. But, whether it is keeping people safe, saving time and money or producing work that has the “wow” factor, maybe the pipe clip isn’t so humble after all!

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