Pipekit supplies plumbing and heating specialists meet commercial maintenance contract needs

Holland and Clay, plumbing and central heating specialists, recently worked alongside Pipekit to supply the Flamco FlexFiller Direct G4, the latest in pumpless digital pressurisation technology, for a commercial building Holland and Clay service and maintain.

Pipekit, a specialist distributor of pipework systems and drainage solutions, supplies Holland and Clay for various client projects and, in this case, Holland and Clay specified and ordered the Flamco FlexFiller Direct G4 to meet the needs of a large radiator system in a factory environment. The Flamco FlexFiller product was specifically selected to offer a better understanding of the quality of water being used to top up the system.

The FlexFiller Direct G4 is a pumpless digital pressurisation technology that is designed to be connected directly to a building’s incoming water supply and fills and maintains the pressure of a heating or chilled water system without the need for a pump. This was a perfect fit for the individual factory requirements and the user-friendly controller display ensures all operating and error conditions are recorded comprehensively and simply, making it very user friendly for the end client. Furthermore, the FlexFiller Direct G4 has been designed to be implemented and installed at any time, making it the perfect solution for this maintenance advancement.

Commenting on the project Jamie McQueen, Sales Director from Pipekit said: “We were delighted to work alongside Holland and Clay to supply and deliver the Flamco Flexfiller Direct G4 solution to meet their client’s individual needs. This state-of-the-art controller is an exciting addition to the marketplace and will open up choice for all our customers and its clients”.

Zak Clay, Director at Holland and Clay added: “We work alongside Pipekit to supply our Flamco products from containment through to control and measurement. Their customer service, industry knowledge and stock availability are always to a high standard, and this was no exception. It’s also great to work with a local Shrewsbury company”.

For more information about Pipekit log onto: www.pipekit.co.uk. To find out more on the Flamco FlexFiller Direct G4 see here: https://www.pipekit.co.uk/flamco-flexfiller-direct-g4.html