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Plans to simplify Green Deal


  1. Christopher Flaherty

    When will the Government get it through their thick sculls, that all the time there is too much expense and bureaucracy attached to the Green Deal for installers it will fail, if you do not get sole traders and SME’s to embrace the Green Deal, it matters not how easier you make it for the consumers, the installer community will turn their backs on the whole scheme

  2. As an SME in the heating and plumbing trade and established for 22 years I couldn’t agree more with Christopher Flaherty. They are incapable of seeing beyond additional regulation to ensure that “quality” is acheived, any company that has been trading for a number of years has been vetted and approved by a wide range of customers.
    We are Gas Safe Registered, TrustMark Registered and have our manual in place for MCS but none of this is enough they still have to create a further hurdle to small businesses which inevitably generates a further cost to the consumer and in our opinion with no tangible benefit!


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