Plumb Center driving water efficiency forward

Wasteful consumer behaviour is the biggest barrier in being able to meet future global water supply challenges, a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit claims.
The report ‘Water for All’, sponsored by Oracle Utilities, studies whether utility companies are able and prepared to supply water to the global population of over 7 billion, with an additional 1 billion expected by 2030.  It examines behaviour and attitudes in ten major markets – the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia, India and China.
There was widespread agreement amongst the water utilities that increased water stress by 2030 is a foregone conclusion, but reassuringly the general consensus was that this rising demand will, somehow, be met.
This optimism is based on the assumption that water productivity will improve and that governments will work to ensure that water is used more efficiently.

Tim Pollard (pictured right), Head of Sustainability at Plumb Center, agrees that confronting consumer behaviour is a key factor in driving water efficiency forward in both the UK and abroad.
“Educating the general public on the importance of water efficiency is a very important step in reducing our countries demand on water and in turn easing the unavoidable water stress situation that the UK will face.  Many homeowners do not appreciate that the world has a finite water supply – regardless of the population.”
Pollard goes on to say: “There are a number of demand-reduction technologies available on the market, which whilst having limited impact on consumers water usage behaviour, do really help to reduce water usage.  These products, such as low-flush toilets and aerated taps need to be pushed to the forefront of homeowners minds.
“The uptake of these products must be encouraged from all levels.  Governments, installers and indeed merchants such as Plumb Center have important roles to play and it will only be when all these different cogs work in alignment that the UK will see true results.”
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