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Plumber put householders at risk for years


  1. Well he’s quids in compared to cost of annual gassafe/corgi registration and ACS assessments over the same period!!!!!

  2. So, he’s £1425 out of pocket? Weighing that up against the thousands it costs a regisitered installer, it’s worth the risk then?

  3. £1425.00 for working without registration for 7 years. I bet that’s got the unregistered and illegals quaking in their boots.

  4. After reading about various stories of so called unregistered people I’m a bit confused as I was registered and seen many mistakes which where dangerous and some by big companies such as British gas and warm sure just a few but their are many more ! I blame Gas safe and the government which have created this problem in as many years as gas safe has been around I’ve never seen a inspection by them and when you make a concerned report no answer or inspection ! Do you dare to put this on your comments page!!!!!!!!


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