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Plumbers to protest over unregistered workers


  1. Christopher Flaherty

    I see that it is the Irish Plumbers who will be protesting, whereas here in the UK we do not band together and that is why we have all this nonsense forced upon us, the powers that be know as an industry, we will moan, but do absolutely diddly squat about it.

    • It’s about time sentances cost more than been registered!, this man got 16 week sentance suspended, so he does not do it! £500 costs, thats generally less than
      my registration, calibrations, liability costs, so now he is well up on me financially .
      How many years an landlords has he robbed and defrauded before this? Making this sentance a real joke ans sending out the message that you can make lots of money by not registering .

  2. Tony GlazierTony Glazier

    It seems to me that it is a failure of the Building Control ( BC ) process rather than the Energy Regulator.

    BC have the primary responsibility for the quality of any building work and that installations are properly certified.


  3. Simple solution regarding the installation of boilers (gas or oil) or any other heating system… the purchaser must show the relevant qualifications to purchase the goods. i.e You want to buy a gas boiler you must have a gas safe qualification, take them off the shelves of all the big diy shops and ensure that the merchants have the same rules in place. The same should apply to all heating devices, if your not qualified to install them you can’t buy them, make it law.

  4. It is my belief that until HSE and Gas Safe Register act to prevent any one not qualified to install gas appliances and to work with gas, and insist that private home owners/persons are also prevented from purchasing any form of gas appliance, through use of legislation, this situation will continue. The problem is rife in a larger number of areas in London, where builders and other unqualified people are constantly doing gas installation work. I know a several places in the Hayes area where builders have been required to remove installation due to them not being qualified and carrying out installations that were unsafe or dangerous.

  5. david mcneillie

    It is wrong that anybody can buy a boiler ,a lot of people in my area working without tickets but stil can go into plumbcentre to buy boiler and also parts its wrong,gassafe,hse,lets see you do something about it after all we give you alot of money,felling down

  6. It’s all been said before about legal installs , what needs to happen is the needs to change if your not gas safe you can’t buy any type of gas fitting or appliance we need all the gas safe engineers to get together in the middle of winter go on strike then see if anything is done

  7. Tony Glazier is right, Building Control need to look at the boiler and ask the builder to see the
    paperwork. Too often in London builders install or move boilers in the course of building an
    extension and of course a lot of the time they use cheap people rather than qualified people.
    You can generally tell its an illegal install when you get to the property, by the fact that all the paperwork has been “lost”. Why are Building control turning a blind eye to this?

  8. It’s about time all natural gas, oil, LPG boilers, heater, gas fires, log fires, cookers, hobs were not sold to the general public in any DIY stores and only to registered companies that carry the gas safe, oftec, ect logo. As soon as it’s all under the gas safe, oftec, HSE the better. I continue to find dodgy gas installs and I think it’s disgusting that nothing really is being done to prevent it from happening.

  9. The problem with only allowing registered installers to purchase gas appliances, is that the home owner would be ripped more than they already are. i am not saying that all G/S installers are unscrupulus but majority are.
    now retired,ex;reg gas safe eng.

  10. Charles. Rodger

    It’s all very well saying do not sell to anybody who can’t prove they are gas safe registered , but fake ids now a day are ten a penny and let’s face it illegal drugs are not exactly available at your local chemist but are also freely available . So what registered installers should be doing is identifying the rogue installers and reporting them to gas safe who will deal with them accordingly.

    • I am a gas safe registered installer and when I have tried to report faulty or dangerous installation are told can only follow up if the customer wants to write in what’s the point of being registered if gas safe take no notice of us

  11. trevor wootton

    I too am gas safe registered & like peter says on 10/05/15 whats the point if customer does’nt do owt? gas safe should employ more inspectors and get more legislative to deal with these people but they wont cost too much. not to mention the fact its an easier days work just to do annual check on already gas safe engineers bullying them because they have’nt read recent bulletins.


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