Pointing the way

As the UK solar PV market settles down from the turbulence of the last two years, it’s time for the industry to embrace a business approach that is as sustainable as the technology currently supplied. David López discusses how focusing on maximising end-users’ return on investment offers greatest industry longevity.
The rollercoaster development of the UK photovoltaic market over the past couple of years is well documented and, arguably, old news in many respects. If we are to build a truly sustainable PV market, it is important to look beyond the hype and headlines in order to learn the real lessons of the industry’s development so far.
Massive growth in demand, an influx of new and inexperienced installers, multiple Feed-in Tariff cuts and an increasing prevalence of cheap – and often inferior – products are all symptoms of the reactive market situation. Right now, however, there is a real opportunity to take control and embrace a pro-active approach to the solar industry and – more importantly – its future.
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