Polypipe Building Products launches ‘A Question of Regs’ campaign

Polypipe Building Products has launched a new campaign to support heating installers through the updates to the Building Regulations as the grace period draws to a close on 15 June this year.

The campaign began in March and will run throughout 2023. It kicks off with the launch of the new game show ‘A Question of Regs’ and will include a number of regional events and educational activities to offer installers support through this transition period.

The campaign has been created in partnership with three installers; Stanley Tabersham, Fiona Evans and Pointy Pumber. The idea of this is that it has been created with installers, for installers.

Dan Love, Head of Commercial at Polypipe Building Products, said: “Last year England, Wales and Scotland introduced the biggest set of Building Regulation updates to impact the heating sector in over a decade. Although the changes were introduced in England in June 2022, since then, the industry has been in a grace period. During this period, projects have been able to continue under the old regulations as long as they began within 12 months of the new regulations coming into force.

“Now, almost a year down the line, heating engineers – whether they install oil, gas or renewables in either existing homes or new builds – need to ensure that they are familiar with the changes. That’s why our team have introduced this multi-faceted campaign to support installers as this grace period draws to a close.”

To find out more, please visit: https://www.polypipeufh.com/futurehomeshub/