Potterton Commercial launches new prefabricated Sirius three WH Rig Systems

Potterton Commercial has introduced new prefabricated rig systems for its flagship Sirius three 90, 110, 130 and 150 stainless steel wall hung condensing boilers to provide installers, contractors and end-users with a safe, rapid, quality solution to multi-boiler installation within four to five weeks of order.
Potterton Commercial’s new turnkey heating solutions consist of pre-assembled Sirius three WH boiler cascades supplied on a modular boiler framework with insulated pipework set, pumps, a dosing pot, pressurisation unit, and customised controls and panel. There is additionally the option to integrate either a Low Loss Header or Plate Heat Exchanger into the rig, either left or right-handed.
Dan Martindale, Commercial Sales Director at Baxi Heating, commented:
“Our Sirius three WH boilers have been designed to offer exceptional environmental and efficiency benefits with ultra-low NOx levels from 17mg/kW, a modulation ratio of up to 9:1, advanced controls and above average season efficiencies of 97.3%. Now, with our new Sirius three WH rig systems, we can offer the same benefits in a turnkey solution that reduces installation and commissioning from weeks down to just days.
“This brings enormous time-saving benefits for contractors, enabling them to complete more projects within the same timeframe and opening up exciting opportunities for increased productivity. There are benefits for the end-user too, as opting to use a prefabricated rig dramatically reduces any system downtime.”
The new Sirius three WH rig systems are available with a choice of either two or three-boiler in-line configurations, or four-boiler back-to-back arrangements. With individual boiler outputs from 90 to 150kW enabling a cascade output of up to 600kW, the new Potterton Commercial rig systems have been designed to provide installers with a flexible solution for plant rooms of all sizes.
Carrying out the fabrication off site in quality-controlled factory conditions ensures that safety requirements are prioritised from the start. After comprehensive pre-testing, the prefabricated rig units are delivered on a wheeled frame, ready for straightforward connection to the system.
Dan continued:
“A key advantage of our new rigs, particularly in these challenging times, is that unlike manufacturer cascade systems they require zero on-site fabrication relating to boiler assembly. The rigs are delivered as a complete package – typically within just four to five weeks of order placement – all ready to go. So, with fewer workers and skills needed on site, and for less time, it’s easier to adhere to safer working guidance.”
The new Sirius three WH rigs are supplied with complete documentation, including gauge and wiring diagrams, a CAD file, manuals and an installation guide, that together provides all the information required for installation and future maintenance and servicing.
Compact and lightweight, the popular Sirius three WH boiler series meet all environmental and efficiency requirements, qualifying for maximum BREEAM credits. This durable boiler range is supplied with an integrated cascade function and weather compensation as standard to deliver optimised operation at all times.
For further peace of mind, the Sirius three WH boiler range comes with an enhanced five-year warranty and free commissioning, and, for a limited period, a free genuine parts service kit as part of Potterton Commercial’s industry-leading Free for Three promotion.
For more information on the new Potterton Commercial Sirius three WH rig systems visit www.pottertoncommercial.co.uk/siriusrigs.