Product Focus: AirPower by Hansgrohe

AirPower by Hansgrohe increases the enjoyment of the shower, whilst reducing water consumption.

Created by Hansgrohe, the innovative technology AirPower enriches each water droplet with air, to produce plump droplets creating a velvety touch on the skin.

Hansgrohe recognises water is a valuable resource, extensive time and research has gone into establishing AirPower technology to help reduce water consumption. When using the shower, air is sucked in through the spray disc that stirs up the water. Enriched with fresh air, the droplets are noticeably lighter, creating more enjoyable showers
whilst helping save both water and energy.


Each water droplet feels soft to the skin, the AirPower rain of water envelops the body to create a more enjoyable experience. AirPower technology is featured in a vast range of Hansgrohe products including collections Raindance,
Vernis, Vivenis and Croma through basin taps, overhead and hand showers and shower systems.

Wash basins

With AirPower, the basin taps from Hansgrohe encourage them to work reliably by adding volume to every droplet
of water whilst noticeably reducing splashing. The soft water droplets make for a pleasurable washing experience, whether that’s washing hands, washing hair or caring for children’s sensitive skin.