Product Focus: Trappex Domestic Filter range

Preventing sludge and limescale build-up in domestic central heating system is important in maintaining the efficiency of central heating systems, as well as avoiding callbacks and breakdowns.

The Trappex range of Domestic Filters and Inline scale reducers from Arctic Hayes is designed to combat build-ups of these harmful particulates, which can lead to reduced efficiency, increased energy consumption and even central heating system failures.

Sludge consists of a mixture of dirt, debris and corrosion products that gradually accumulate in the system’s pipework and radiators. Limescale on the other hand, is composed mainly of calcium and magnesium deposits, often found in hard water areas. Both substances can obstruct the flow of water, reduce heat transfer efficiency and eventually lead to system breakdowns if left untreated and may even mean the central heating system has to be power-flushed, which can be a lengthy and disruptive process for the homeowner.

The Trappex range includes the ‘Centramag 2’ Nylon Filters (22 and 28mm), the Genesis Brass Filters (22mm available with or without valves) and the Quantum Mini Brass Filter (22mm) providing multiple installation options for heating engineers. The Trappex Filters work by controlling the water flow and maximising the non-magnetic particle capture, while the Trappex Inline reducers use electrolyte principles to prevent the build-up of scale. The range easily fits and operates in tight spaces and is quick and easy to install.

By consistently capturing and removing sludge and limescale, the Trappex Filters prevent these substances from settling within the system and causing blockages. This ensures that the heating system continues to operate efficiently and the Trappex Filters and Magnets both carry hefty manufacturers’ warranties (25 years on the Genesis Brass Filters), bringing peace of mind to both installers and homeowners.

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