Q™ – the new generation Aqualisa smart shower – is available now

Q™, the new generation Aqualisa smart shower is now in stock. This innovative product is based on the original, precision Quartz™ technology that automatically checks temperature 100 times per second – and it’s just as easy to install.
The new Q™ controller has been designed to retrofit with ease over existing exposed Quartz™ installations.  For example, the mounting holes for the controller are positioned to use the holes already made in tiles for a Quartz™ controller.
To help installers further, all exposed products come with a fitting template that ensures that all holes are drilled in exactly the right position. Also, a new connection method is used to connect the smart valve to the Q™ controller. It’s now impossible to get the cable the wrong way round and it can be shortened if required.
Guides and warranty cards have been split up into a wallet for the installer and another for the homeowner.  The installer will now find all the information in one place and can present the customer with all the information they need.
Designed by the Aqualisa R&D team, Q™ features the finest British engineering down to the last detail. Landmark technology includes a proximity sensor that reduces flow to save water, activates the power-on mode and even greets the user with a friendly ‘Hello’. The movement of the Q™ lever, used to navigate menus and profiles, is controlled by magnets for a unique feel of seamless motion. All the touch points are metal or glass for a premium look and feel.
Visit www.aqualisa.co.uk/q for more information and installation guides.  Training in smart mixer installation is offered free by Aqualisa at venues nationwide with easy application via the website.