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  1. Given Honeywell problems with the CMT927 and reliablility issues I would really question in fitting them the customer may get some savings but the installer would be bankrupt running back and forth.
    We were given the line that there was no recall but that they were refreshing merchants stocks, thats a new one isn’t?
    We won’t mention the clock issue will we?

    • Honeywell have provided a response:
      We are sorry that you have experienced problems fitting our CM927 programmable thermostat, we work hard to ensure that you receive quality product to install for your customers, as your reputation for doing a good job rests on the products we provide. We would like to understand your specific issues in these areas, and would ask that you contact our technical team via the help desk email using the form available here or if you can let the editor of Installeronline know your email address or other contact details we would be happy to contact you directly. Once again, we are sorry that you are experiencing problems and we will do everything that we can to assist you and hopefully restore your faith in the excellence of Honeywell products.


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