The quiet evolution of the techie installer

For years the foundations upon which the professional installer had forged their empire was the friendly demeanour towards their client, the manner in which they conducted themselves on site before during and after a job, and the quality of the finished work. So why is it, there appears to be a quiet evolution in the industry? And what’s fuelling it?
Techie Installer webWith the rise and rise of the interweb in recent years, consumer expectations on service and delivery have changed. No longer will customers sit at home all day waiting for someone or something to arrive, but instead choose, to spend their hard-earned cash with services and providers that will offer them benefits beyond just price. As someone once said: “We offer three kinds of service, good, cheap or fast. You can pick any two.”
I would like to offer a fourth option in “professional”…Quite often when presented with the opportunity to quote for a new job, how you conduct yourself in that first visit will determine whether or not your quote will even be considered and to what level, by the potential client.
Techie Installer
So what has all this got to do with the rise of the “Techie Installer”?
Technology these days, allows all of us to have far more information at out finger tips, whether we’re at home with our computers or out in our vans with smartphones or iPads.
There are more and more e-tools and cloud-based apps coming to market every day. One such example is “Your Trade Base”, a software and cloud based solution for professional trades to create manage and track jobs and paperwork wherever they are.
Your Trade Base Co-Founder Adam Austin says: “There’s a huge swell of tradespeople who are adopting e-technology to run better businesses, work smarter, and more importantly – keep customers happy. The fact that so many are choosing to use web-based apps such as Your Trade Base suggests the day of the unprofessional tradesman presenting customers with scraps of paper or verbal quotes could be numbered.”
Robert Tyrrell a Plumbing & Heating from Evesham uses the Your Trade Base software: “I can actually send an invoice from my iPad, phone or computer while I’m out and about, and my secretary (The Wife) can do the same from the office (home), and all my contacts/quotes/invoices are stored remotely, which gives me added piece of mind in case my computer stops working. It saves me at least 2 days a month that I would have spent just doing paperwork.”
To give you an idea of scale….In the last 12 months has been used to create over £12,000,000 worth of work just in the UK, and is now used by 1,000’s of professional trades worldwide.
Now I’m not suggesting that technology, or even that Your Trade Base is the answer, but apps like these and others besides are allowing those trades that choose to adopt them, the opportunity to differentiate their product and service offering from the competition.
It will be important for trades remain faithful to the foundations of their good practice, but combined with the benefits of technology to both businesses and the customer, the evolution of the techie tradesman will make for interesting observation.