QUIKCORE® is now available at Graham branches

The new, patent protected QUIKCORE® drill bit release system is now stocked at all Graham Plumbers’ Merchant branches.

This includes both the QUIKCORE® Core and Drill Adaptors and also the Knockout Tool – each fulfilling a particular time-saving need for installers when required to drill holes.

Manufactured from British high tensile steel, the QUIKCORE® Core and Drill Adaptors are designed to enable the quick release of a core bit from a drill, which may otherwise require the use of a spanner to undo. This can be particularly time consuming when a number of different sized holes are required, but with the QUIKCORE®, switching core bits is quick and easy.

Users simply screw the Drill Adaptor to their drill bit and the Core Adaptor to the core and then connect the two adaptors together using a simple quick-release clip. A guide pin can still be inserted into the core and removed with a drift key if required. Once used, simply pop the release clip from the adaptors and the core and drill bit come apart. A different sized core with Core Adaptor can then be attached if necessary.

The range also includes a Knock Out Tool, which has been created to fit inside the Core Adaptor once separated from the drill and push out the waste material. This prevents the need to hit the core with a hammer, in the traditional method, to remove any waste material. This can often lead to equipment becoming damaged and a frustration for many installers.

The QUIKCORE® Adaptors are tested to operate efficiently in excess of 250Nm torque, while a typical core drill has approximately 80Nm torque. The release system is for use on 1/2” threaded core bits from 38mm up to 127mm diameter.

The new adapter has also been added to Graham’s Always Available range, a variety of products that are guaranteed to always been in stock at every Graham merchant branch.

Commenting on this latest innovation, Amy Frearson, Category Assistant – Heating, at Graham Plumbers’ Merchant said: “The inventor of the QUIKCORE® was a tradesperson and a Graham customer who saw a gap in the market for core drilling and a reliable solution.

“We are delighted to be supporting the launch of this new product to the market, especially as it will be part of our Always Available range, guaranteeing availability to everybody.”

To find out more about QUIKCORE®, please visit www.grahamdirect.co.uk/?s=quickcore.

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