Rainwater systems put to the test in unusual Scottish property

A unique new-build property in the east of Scotland has put Alutec’s Evolve Deepflow range of aluminium rainwater systems to the test, with its contemporary design and unusual roofline.
Alutec webThe 500m2 selfbuild property in Angus, Scotland, is owned by David Maxwell, Managing Director of George Martin Builders Ltd and was designed by Fraser Middleton, Director at ARKTX, Chartered Architects. It incorporates four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a curved roofline and even a section of guttering with a positive gradient to accommodate the front entrance, challenging Alutec’s systems to adapt to the unusual design.
David has had a long working relationship with Alutec and as a result, insisted on using its products on his own home. David commented: “I’ve been using Alutec’s products for a number of years now and so I’m fully aware of their quality and ease of installation. For this reason I knew in the earliest stages of the design that I wanted to use Alutec’s systems for my own property.
“The design and location of my house presented two main challenges for the rainwater systems but I was confident that Alutec could provide the appropriate solution. The first challenge was the curved roofline, which we overcame by using a sequence of straight 600mm segments and angles that, I can honestly say, have gone beyond my expectations in creating a beautifully seamless sweeping curve.
“The second challenge was the strength and durability needed from the guttering due to the heavy snowfall commonly experienced in the region, and from experience I knew that Alutec’s products, despite being exceptionally lightweight, were robust enough to withstand the Scottish elements. Not only this, but for aesthetic reasons, I decided to hang chains from the guttering instead of fitting downpipes, this meant the guttering had to be extra strong to cope with both the weight of a deep snow covering and the hanging chains.”
Installed at the dwelling was Alutec’s Evolve Deepflow guttering in the Heritage Black colour. The range, made from marine grade aluminium, is very strong and boasts excellent performance and sustainability credentials, having a virtually maintenance free life expectancy of 50 years or more and a flow performance rating of 4.9 litres per second, ensuring it can cope with the heaviest of water run off.
When taking into consideration that an estimated 75 per cent of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today due to its ability to be recycled over and over without losing its quality, Alutec’s Evolve Deepflow range is made from one of the most sustainable building materials available. This was an important factor for David in making his specification choices. David commented: “Building my own home, I was very conscious that I didn’t want to compromise on quality and that impact on the environment was kept to a minimum, with this in mind Alutec fitted the brief perfectly.”
David concluded: “Fitting Alutec’s rainwater systems has given me confidence that what I have created will stand the test of time and be a lasting, whilst sustainable example of contemporary building. I’m thrilled with the finished look of the house and look forward to spending many years to come enjoying the surroundings and the property itself.”
For more information please visit www.marleyalutec.co.uk