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  1. As an employer there are basic problems with apprentices.

    1. The entry level for Plumbing is too low, Minimum Grade B maths, not C.
    2. The money should be released quarterly to the employer who then can shop around the training providers.
    3. Training providers are there to deliver a service not set the agenda, the employer is the end user and as such should be setting the standards.
    4. Maintenance and Installation splits in trades, is like a day time driving license and night driving license, no way. I can vouch the old C&G 596 produced a good all round plumber who then could build on additional skills of Gas, Oil, renewables, Foreman and supervisor in both commercial and domestic. We see these gas apprenticeships who can barely fix a boiler but can’t bled a radiator of change a radiator valve! All who work for me are older than me and I am one of the last 596 C&G. This is what I look for before hiring as nearly all who came after it have weakness and gaps in their training to meet the need of our clients.

    We have too much change for change sake and not for the benefit of the trade as an employer or end user.


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