REHAU launches new PP-R fiber range

REHAU has launched its new PP-R fiber range, which means REHAU can now provide a complete O-ring-free plumbing solution for commercial and multi-residential buildings.

The new PP-R fiber system can be used in perfect combination with REHAU’s flexible RAUTITAN PE-Xa plumbing system, with a new PP-R to RAUTITAN adapter created specifically to allow a complete polymer solution from 16-125mm.

Together, the two systems offer specifiers and contractors a complete end-to-end O-ring-free plumbing solution, from the plant room, the heating system and to the hot and cold outlets.

M&E professionals now have a wide array of hygienic, quick-to-install polymer pipes, well-suited for apartments and commercial projects including care homes, hotels and student accommodation. It is available in sizes up to 125mm, to meet customer demand for polymer pipework in larger sizes above the 63mm maximum for RAUTITAN.

In an effort to deliver time and cost savings during projects, REHAU is also offering pre-fabrication for the PP-R fiber range. The potential for modular construction methods such as this was explored in full in REHAU’s recent whitepaper Offsite Trends in Building Services.

“Our RAUTITAN plumbing system has been extensively used for apartments and other commercial buildings, but specifiers and contractors have been asking for larger pipe sizes as an alternative to traditional materials for risers and corridors,” explains Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing and Technical – Building Solutions at REHAU UK.

“The new PP-R fiber riser system meets this need with a socket welding design which is a proven welding technology, and an improved flow rate due to no reduction in internal bore through the fittings.

“It is our hope that this product range becomes a mainstay in commercial plumbing projects, helping building services professionals reduce weak points in the system by avoiding O-rings throughout. With the riser also able to be integrated into prefabricated structures, it is well-placed to help specifiers and contractors meet an anticipated rise in housing demand over the coming year and beyond.”

The new solution features an inner layer of PP-RCT polymer with white oxidation resistance technology, a middle layer of fiberglass reinforcement and a PP-R outer surface, providing durability and drinking water approval to KIWA Reg 4 (ATS1+ level).

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