Remeha launches commercial air source heat pumps

Remeha, part of Baxi Commercial Solutions, has added Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) to its portfolio of sustainable commercial heating and hot water solutions.  

Quiet, smart and energy-efficient, the new Remeha E-HP AW heat pumps can be seamlessly integrated with other Remeha products and heat sources to provide sustainable heating and hot water solutions for new build and retrofit applications.

Remeha’s new air to water heat pump range is available in three outputs with individual heat capacities of 44 kW, 88 kW and 168 kW and cascade options that dovetail with current commercial customer heat demands. The 44 kW unit is eligible for capital grants under the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) to support the installation of heat pumps in domestic and smaller non-domestic buildings. The BUS is scheduled to open for grant applications from 01 April 2022.

The monobloc design is a self-contained heat generator, extracting renewable heat from the atmosphere and amplifying it using refrigerant compression. Specifically manufactured for Northern Europe climate conditions, the Remeha E-HP AW can deliver a high supply temperature of up to 65°C and operate down to ambient temperatures of -20°C, providing a sustainable solution for all UK buildings.

Ryan Kirkwood, Baxi’s Heat Pump Business Development Manager, said:

“We are delighted to offer low-carbon commercial heat pumps as part of our expanding Remeha range to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and commitments.

“The UK has a challenging target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and an interim target to slash emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. Near total decarbonisation of heat is required to meet net zero goals.

“Alongside hydrogen and heat networks, we see heat pumps as one of the key pillars of heat decarbonisation. Our aim has been to introduce a commercial heat pump that fully complements Remeha’s evolving premium product portfolio. Following extensive research, we are confident that our new E-HP AW Air Source Heat Pump, backed by the support of our expert sales, specification and technical teams, can deliver the quality performance that customers have come to expect from Remeha.”

The new Remeha E-HP AW is part of a comprehensive product range that includes low-NOx, certified 20% hydrogen blend compatible boilers, electric and gas water heaters, hot water cylinders, combined heat and power units, heat interface units, heat network equipment, and advanced controls. A bespoke design and manufacture service for pre-packaged rigs and full turnkey-enabled plant rooms is available for easy on-site installation and reduced health and safety risks.

“Our aim is to drive the energy transition by working alongside our customers, helping them to set their pathway to net zero and supporting them on their journey with the best solution,” Ryan added. “Buildings have their own unique requirements. As experts in heating and hot water systems and controls, we understand the importance of a solutions-focused, rather than product-focused, approach to ensure that optimal performance and maximum efficiencies are considered at every step of the way.

“Our new E-HP AW heat pumps make a valuable contribution to delivering reliable, efficient and flexible heating performance, strengthening our ability to ensure that the right solution is specified and delivered at the right time for our customers, ready for the low-carbon challenge.”

The new Remeha E-HP AW ASHP is available now.

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