Reminder from ECS about pre-apprentices and ECS cards

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) is reminding employers in the electrotechnical industry to register potential apprentices for the ECS Pre-apprentice card, which has been designed to support the employer and potential apprentice in achieving a successful probationary period before the full apprentice registration is made by a training provider.

To have the facility added to the company’s ECS Employer Portal account, an email request must be made by the employer stating that they have a defined pre-apprentice probationary policy in place. The employer must have access to the ECS Employer Portal in order to complete the application if granted.

Before the employer applies for the ECS Pre-apprentice card they need to ensure that the potential apprentice has been provided with a suitable induction and has undertaken and passed the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Assessment.

Andy Reakes, ECS Head of Growth, said: “Potential apprentices will usually start their employment via a recognised training provider or through local contacts with an employer. Some companies may offer trial periods of work to potential apprentices to give them experience of the reality of working on site before committing to an apprenticeship and allows the company to gain a better understanding of the individual. We recommend that employers register any potential apprentice for the ECS Pre-apprentice card to ensure a smooth transition to full apprentice status.”

For more information and full details on the ECS Pre-apprentice card visit:

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