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Renewable Heat Incentive offers opportunities for Installers

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  1. Christopher Flaherty

    Well IF the RHI was a lucrative as the NICEIC suggest, then installers would not need encouragement to “take advantage” would they, the fact of the matter is installers can see that there is no real profit to be had in this field, what with all the bureaucracy, tons of paperwork and the huge expense that has to be paid to the likes of the NICEIC to be allowed to join the scheme, I personally do not believe in paying others to allow me to earn a living as I am sure many other installers do as well, it does amuse me how those who stand to profit the most from such schemes are the ones who seem to sing the praises of it, I don’t see many sole traders or SME’s jumping around with joy about the scheme, the Government left it too long to launch the scheme, this has given installers time to scrutinise the whole thing and many have now changed their opinion and realise it is not for them.
    How is it in Germany that they have the grants, but no schemes like MCS, any installer in Germany can install under the grant schemes and they do not have to cross anyone’s palm with silver to do so.


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