Resideo launches new products to tackle energy and water management challenges

Resideo Technologies has revealed its latest products and solutions at the international trade fair, ISH 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany that will help installers and consumers tackle the energy and water management challenges everyone is facing.

From energy efficient products such as room thermostats and multizone controllers, to water leak detector and lead-free water PRV valves, to new energy efficient gas adaptive and hydrogen-ready products, Resideo’s solutions are already making a difference today and for generations to come.

Making a Difference: for the Professional Installer and Consumer

Wherever they are in the world, professional installers want products that simplify their working lives and consumers want easy-to-use solutions to efficiently heat their homes and make energy cost savings. Resideo is showcasing at ISH two products that do just that:

  • Honeywell Home HCC100 Multi-Zone Controller: Helps installers simplify the installation of underfloor heating and cooling and gives consumers the ability to individually manage up to eight zones/rooms in a home or office. It offers the professional installer a single, flexible controller, which can integrate into both new and existing installations with ease, supported by the Resideo Pro app to make installations and configuration faster and simpler.

Krzysztof Meinicke, Air Product Director, explains the significance of product development: “As energy costs continue to dominate the news, and efficiency standards tighten, we are witnessing a revolution engulfing the whole heating industry. The shift from the gas boiler towards heat pumps, and from radiators to underfloor heating is challenging for everyone – including installers. Our new Honeywell Home HCC100 multi-zone controller offers a reliable underfloor multi-zone control solution for both boilers and heat pumps.”

  • Honeywell Home DT4 Room Thermostat Range: By taking the simplicity and reliability of the mechanical room thermostats of the 1970s, and combining it with modern sleek design and engineering of today, Resideo has developed and delivered a room thermostat range that directly responds to installer feedback to offer:
  • A slim modern design that blends into the décor of a consumer’s home.
  • A versatile room thermostat that can be integrated into both new and older style heating systems, making it a natural choice for an installer to carry in the back of their van.
  • A solution to help consumers improve the energy efficiency in their homes through its eco state functionality, which reduces or boosts temperature for a period of time.
  • An advanced choice that can work with smart heat zoning solutions, including underfloor heating and heat pump solutions.

Luke Cairns, Resideo’s EMEA Senior Product Manager, explains the difference the room thermostat can make to installers and homeowners: “One of our company values is to start with what our customers need. During our product development process, we spent time with installers across Europe to make sure that what we delivered would have a positive impact on their installation and application requirements along with the energy efficiency challenges their customers are facing.”

And efficient energy management is not just about heating and cooling, it is also about the supply and management of water. At ISH, Resideo is launching two new water management developments to the European market:

  • The lead-free D06F-LF PRV: a new extension to Resideo’s existing lead-free range, which helps installers stay compliant with new regulations* and prevents more lead being introduced to the environment during production, installation and recycling.
  • The L Series Water Control Products range: to help consumers protect against costly water damage and the need to make home insurance claims. The Resideo L1 WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector alerts consumers to leaks or frozen pipes with smartphone notifications, on site alerts and an alarm. While the affordable Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve automatically turns off the water supply to the home when a water leak is detected by the attached sensing cable or by a paired Resideo WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector. The two products together make it a complete water leak damage defence system – connected via the Resideo Smart Home app – that raises awareness of leaks and helps safeguard belongings and the home’s structure from potential costly repair.

Sylvain Baladon, Global Water Product Director, highlighted the difference the new L Series can make to consumers: “Water damage is one of the most common types of domestic property damage claims. Anyone who has experienced a catastrophic leak knows how devastating and expensive it can be. For many years we have been focused on raising awareness of the risk of water damage through our existing water leak detector portfolio. However, now with our new L5 water shut off valves, we are going one step further and making a difference to the speed at which homes and belongings can be protected following the detection of a leak.”

And the difference that Resideo can make to professional installers’ working lives extends to training. The Resideo Academy offers flexible online and in-person role-based learning, created by experienced professionals. For more information visit the Resideo Academy or download the Resideo Academy app.

Making a Difference: for the Environment

The transition to a decarbonised world is underway, and everyone is feeling the effects of an increase in demand for power that’s outstripping supply. The way the world uses energy needs to change. It’s why Resideo’s global teams are working hard to reshape key parts of the energy journey, with innovative hardware and services.

Together with its partners, Resideo is empowering homeowners, businesses and organisations to better manage and conserve our shared energy supply. The company is optimizing and simplifyingthe energy journey to create a system that’s smarter, more efficient, sustainable, and reliable.

 Heat Pumps: Resideo’s technology developments simplify the design of appliances for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customers. The company offers electronic controls for both mono block/split and hybrid types of appliances that meet the high energy efficiency and performance requirements demanded today. Customers are also assured that the components easily integrate into Resideo’s Connected Home Ecosystem and are enabled to work in combination with Resideo’s HCC100 Multi-Zone Controller and DT4 Room Thermostat range.

Fabio Mariani, Global Heat Pump Product Director, advised: “Because we have core competencies around cooling cycle management and defrost optimisation, Resideo heat pump controls can help OEMs to bring their appliances to the next level of efficiency and energy consumption, without compromising their performance.”

  • Hydrogen Technologies: Resideo’s components and combustion control systems also meet the high energy efficiency and performance requirements demanded by today’s environment. The company is ready for the hydrogen evolution. Its products are approved for 100% hydrogen and include: failsafe flame supervision, a complete combustion control system, and boiler conversion kits to enable adaption from natural gas to hydrogen.

Maurizio Nannetti, Global Energy Product Director, outlined what this means for customers: “We can help our boiler technology customers to be H2 ready. Our latest developments show that we are leading the way in combustion control systems and are ready with solutions to innovate future green combustion appliances.”

Mario Moura, Products & Solutions EMEA Managing Director, summed up the broad portfolio Resideo is showcasing at ISH 2023: “ISH is one of the world’s leading trade fairs, focused on the responsible management of energy and water. Therefore, it’s important that we are here to show existing and new customers the wide range of products and solutions we can offer and what difference they make to challenges they are facing. And we can demonstrate our focus on having a positive impact on the planet – showing how you can make a difference in a sustainable way has never been more important.”

You can learn more about Resideo’s sustainability efforts in its comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report3.  To download the ESG report, and for more information about Resideo’s sustainability journey, visit