Why the return of Green Deal is good news for installers

John Davidson, Managing Director of Eco-energi, says the return of Green Deal is good news and good business for all installers who are PAS 2030 certified.
The original Green Deal should have been a situation where everyone wins, but the implementation of the scheme didn’t match its mission – there were initial red tape issues and, just as demand was growing, there was a change of Government, the funding was withdrawn and the initiative was closed.
18 months, on it’s back – thanks to private investment companies who have bought the GDFC’s business and began financing new Green Deal loans in April. Over the past year, the investment companies and Green Deal Providers have been working together to ensure the glitches associated with the former Green Deal have been removed. The whole process will be faster and less cumbersome. The aim is to have funding approved within 24 hours and everything will be electronic, so there will be no need for any documentation to go by post.
With the scheme in private hands and bureaucracy minimised, uptake is expected to be high and steady. As before, the installer gets paid promptly, in line with the Green Deal Code of Practice, and the homeowner is protected with insurance-backed guarantees from the Green Deal Provider.
There’s a vast market for thermal home improvements, especially in the private rented sector. Landlords have a very real need to ensure all their properties have an EPC rating of E or above, and any property that fails to comply with the Government’s Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation by April 2018 cannot legally be rented to tenants.
This means that pro-active installers, with the right qualifications, can look to secure long-term business opportunities.

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