Revealed – Top 10 TikTok Trades

Are you in TikTok? The video-based social media platform is predicted to add 7.3 million followers to its existing base of 3.7 million by the end of 20211, making it a key growth area for tradespeople of all trades, from blacksmiths to bricklayers. 

To find out which trades are most popular on the platform, Rated People has analysed views for 25 different trades to reveal which are raking in the most views. 

The research shows that carpentry is grabbing the attention of most viewers, with the ‘carpentry’ hashtag amassing a huge 590.8 million TikTok views. Popular videos include the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials, and carpentry-based tips and ‘how-tos’ for a variety of projects, from wooden shoes and hangers to furniture, lofts and even treehouses.  

Flooring takes second place, with 421.3 million views of satisfying videos where flooring materials are being laid. Plumbing comes in third, with clips of professionals unplugging sinks and fitting toilets proving surprisingly popular and raking in 341.2 million total views. 

 Top 10 TikTok Trades 

1. Carpentry – 590.8 million views 

2. Flooring – 421.3 million views  

3. Plumbing – 341.2 million views  

4. Landscaping – 321.3 million views  

5. Blacksmith – 313.2 million views  

6. Roofing – 270.3 million views 

7. Bricklaying – 256.8 million views 

8. Handyman – 198.1 million views 

9. Tiling – 101 million views 

10. Locksmith – 56 million views 

With TikTok’s largest share of users considered to be aged 18-24 (26%)2, the popularity of trade videos suggests the platform could provide the dose of career inspiration that brings us the next generation of budding trade talent. It remains to be seen whether watching these videos will result in more people taking up trade careers, but for experienced tradespeople taking to TikTok, it already means a captive audience with real appreciation for their skills. 

TikTok tradespeople in action  

IdealFlooring is a flooring specialist who created a TikTok account after noticing a lack of flooring related videos on there. Since joining the platform, they’ve had a really positive response, gaining a whopping 1.1 million followers and 14.6 million likes. They’ve also enjoyed more business opportunities: 

“We knew how fascinating it is to watch flooring videos and we saw there weren’t many similar accounts. The most popular videos are the self-levelling ones because they’re the most satisfying to watch as the flooring goes really smooth and we are really neat with our work.  

We’ve had a few jobs through our TikTok account and are expecting more to come in as we have many emails a day.”  

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People commented: “We’ve been amazed by how many views some trades have on TikTok, especially as most are clips of a tradesperson doing their day job, so something they wouldn’t consider to be out of the ordinary. Many tradespeople are using the platform to create informative and visually satisfying videos, and it’s fantastic that not only are the videos resonating with DIY fans they’re also drawing attention to the skill and pride involved in trades work.  It’s great for the businesses as the platform can provide a new source of clients, but these videos may also inspire the next generation to consider trades services as a career.”   

To see the full list of trades and their TikTok views, visit: 


The number of views for 25 different trade hashtags such as ‘plumbing’, ‘carpentry’ and ‘flooring’. Data is correct as of 21/10/20. 

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