R&GO now available for Renault's Trafic and Master vans

  • R&GO infotainment smartphone app now available for free download for use in All-New Trafic and New Master vans
  • R&GO app provides satellite navigation with traffic alerts, vehicle trip information and full music and phone connectivity via a smartphone

Ranault appThe recently launched All-New Trafic and New Master vans are now even more connected as ‘mobile offices’ thanks to the R&GO infotainment smartphone app that is now available for free download.
The R&GO smartphone app connects to the vehicle via Bluetooth and provides 3D turn-by-turn satellite navigation, a vehicle trip computer giving the driver’s Eco² rating and fuel economy figures, several multimedia functions including Internet radio and playback of stored music, and a host of telephone commands, allowing the driver to make hands free calls and have SMS messages read out loud.
The R&GO application is available as a free download for compatible iOS and Android smartphones for use in All-New Trafic and New Master and tablets for All-New Trafic.

Renault Trafic
Renault Trafic

From the main menu, all four functions can be easily accessed. The vehicle trip computer provides a multitude of information for the driver, including fuel economy, distance travelled and an Eco² rating based on factors such as acceleration and anticipation to help show how fuel economy can be further improved. The multimedia section allows the user to play music already stored on their device, listen to Internet radio or simply control their FM radio through the app, giving touchscreen functionality for ease of use. The telephone commands section gives one-touch access to contacts, agendas, and a dial pad, whilst facilitating safe communication whilst on the road in the form of hands free calling and SMS messages being read out loud. The satellite navigation function features UK and Ireland mapping, CoPilot Premium software with 3D turn-by-turn navigation and live traffic alerts. Mapping is downloaded and stored onto the device, enabling GPS navigation without using any mobile data.
Whilst the app is free to download, the satellite navigation feature is activated through a one-off payment of £19.99, made through the app. Making this payment gives the user the flexibility to take their device with them wherever they go and have full navigation capabilities in any All-New Trafic or New Master, eliminating the need to buy multiple or even separate navigation devices, meaning lower costs for businesses.  A one-month free trial is also available to give customers the chance to see the benefits in practice before making a purchase.
The introduction of R&GO is a further addition to the range of innovations that feature on Renault’s LCV range in order to create a ‘mobile office’ environment, including a class-leading 90-litres of cabin storage and a fold down central seat with detachable clipboard and dedicated space for a laptop. Business+ and Sport versions of the All-New Trafic come with a universal cradle as standard.
Renaul masterAll-New Trafic and New Master sit alongside the Kangoo Van and fully-electric Kangoo Z.E. and complete a fully refreshed Renault LCV line-up.  A new range of energy-efficient engines and a host of clever storage solutions have helped to reduce running costs whilst improving practicality and convenience.
Renault is the leading LCV manufacturer in Europe, a position it has held for the last sixteen years, and supports all of its business customers through the Renault Pro+ dealer network – dealerships that are fully equipped to meet the specific demands of professionals and commercial vehicle customers.
For more information on the Renault commercial vehicle range, please visit www.renault.co.uk