RHI – a misunderstood installer incentive?

The closure of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund might have been unexpected, but the continuing availability of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to consumers is a reminder that there’s still plenty of potential for installers within the industry.
The problem facing schemes such as the RHI is awareness amongst installers who stand to benefit. What installers really need to know is how these schemes will affect the range of customers they can attract. It’s fair to say that the message sometimes gets through. Stroma has been talking about the RHI at industry events, on our website and in the media for a few months and we have noticed more installers approaching us about our installer certification schemes. Certification scheme membership is the key to unlocking the potential of RHI, but why is it so important?
Joining an industry approved certification body, like Stroma, means you can prove to a customer that you are competent and able to perform their installation work. It helps to instil confidence in the customer that applying for RHI funding is not a wasted exercise.
The heating industry is perhaps one of a few industries best placed to gain a competitive advantage from the RHI and its financial incentives for the installation of renewable heating technologies. This depends on an installer being certified to install the relevant renewable measures. Stroma’s MCS and renewable installer certification schemes cover the very measures eligible for RHI funding, including a new Biomass scheme to be launched in the coming months.
Stroma has built a reputation based upon a working knowledge of key construction and energy industries, such as heating. Our staff understand installer issues, they know how the industry works and their appreciation of installer requirements informs our scheme and software development. Stroma membership puts you in prime position to access a customer base crying out for qualified individuals able to perform renewable installation work.
There are a number of reasons to join Stroma Certification’s installer certification schemes, but three benefits are of particular relevance.
The first is simplicity: there’s one online application form to complete and then we’ll guide you step-by-step through the certification process.
The second is expertise: installers have access to timely, available support from our team of competent experts.
The third is value: our installer schemes are competitively priced with installer bundles that are unique in the marketplace. These allow installers to apply for similar Groups of Measures without paying for multiple assessment fees. CPS membership is also free-of-charge for installers who join a corresponding MCS or GDI scheme.
Certification is only the beginning. We’ll get you to a stage where you can provide accredited installation services, but there’s much more to Stroma Certification membership. We’re active at industry events so you can come and talk to us; remote Technical Support or face-to-face advice is available to all members; plus we provide unique software tools designed by industry experts to make an installer’s job easier. It’s a combination and package that really sets us apart.
We understand that installers thrive on long term business relationships with their clients and encourage installers to think of Stroma Certification membership in similar terms. You support your customers and we’ll support you. It’s important to realise that certification scheme membership isn’t just an option; it’s a requirement for the installation of RHI approved measures. If you aren’t a certified provider of heat pumps, biomass or solar thermal technology or even if you’d like the peace of mind that industry approved scheme membership offers then Stroma Certification is the perfect choice. The RHI is waiting – what are you waiting for?
The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has the potential to boost custom for the installer industry, especially for heating professionals. Stroma Certification is an approved certification body and aims to explain how installers can unlock the benefits of the RHI through membership of its schemes.
by Steve Horrocks, Technical Director, Stroma Certification