Rhino Products launches new KammRack Black

Rhino Products is releasing a brand new version of its roof rack – the KammRack Black. The new black rack, which is available to buy from February, is the successor to the popular Modular Rack, which will be retired from their product range later this year.

As part of the launch for KammRack Black, Rhino is proudly working in partnership with the rhino sanctuary Care for Wild. They are an essential charity based in South Africa that rescues, rehabilitates, and rewilds orphaned and injured rhinos. A percentage of sales of the new rack will be donated to the charity, meaning the KammRack Black will have a direct impact on improving the welfare of the endangered species.

The KammRack Black is a culmination of the high quality, innovative design and stunning aesthetics that we have come to expect from the internationally renowned brand. Benefitting from all the outstanding premium features of the original silver version, the new rack is enveloped in a sleek, black, powder-coated finish to further complement modern commercial vehicles.

With matching black nose cones and anti-rattle connectors, each part blends seamlessly into a rack that not only stands the test of time, but also adds an extra touch of class to commercial vehicles. For most modern vans, tradespeople now have a choice of two sleek shades for their robust new roof rack – the original silver anodised aluminium, or the seamless black powder-coated version.

Incorporating strength, style, and aerodynamic design, the KammRack Black is also one of the fastest-fitting roof racks on the market. Building upon the hugely successful ‘Kamm Generation’, comprising of the KammBar Pro, KammBar Fleet, and the original KammRack, the KammRack Black utilises the same pre-assembled legs as the rest of the range. This, combined with the quick click-together side frames, click-in crosstubes and roller, means the rack can be fitted in record time, even with just one person fitting it.

Another feature inherited from the ‘Kamm Generation’, the KammRack Black also retains the ‘Kamm’ bar profile, an extremely aerodynamic design. The streamlined shape allows air to flow around the bar as it cuts through the air, reducing wind noise and drag.

The new KammRack Black is planned for release 1st February 2024, and will be available through Rhino’s dedicated network of online sellers and fitting centres.