Rinnai launches R290 heat pump range

Rinnai has expanded its lineup of decarbonising appliances with the inclusion of a new line of commercial heat pump technology. R290 is a LOW score (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant used in the cutting edge new line of air source heat pumps.

A number of operational advantages are made possible by R290, including a 10% increase in energy efficiency, the ability to operate water at temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius, and compliance with the European F-Gas Regulation, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of refrigerants.

Further low-carbon solutions are being added by Rinnai for UK clients who demand reasonably priced, long-lasting, and effective products. Rinnai will launch a wide selection of appliances and systems for residential, commercial, and off-grid properties that use different energies starting in 2024.

There are 11 distinct sizes in the Rinnai R290 air source heat pump family, ranging from 6 kW to 50 kW. Every device comes equipped with control systems that enable time-sensitive programming and customisation to fulfil individual customer requests.

To preview this exciting new range visit: www.rinnai-co.uk/contact-us/request-brouchure

The ERP ratings of A +++ and A ++, respectively, for Rinnai’s air source heat pump series attest to their validity and their ability to meet the decarbonisation goals of UK customers. In addition to offering a comprehensive catalogue of low-carbon technologies, Rinnai also provides a number of online customer services to help with knowledge and choice for customers.

The carbon calculation service offered by Rinnai takes a comprehensive approach to design, including for capital expenditures, operating expenses, and carbon savings. Using its carbon calculation tool, Rinnai customers may compare their existing heating system to its selection of high-performing, low-carbon heating systems—all of which have been shown to save costs. Customers will be able to see the benefits of investing in a Rinnai system thanks to this functionality.

The low-GWP heat pump line from Rinnai is evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to making reasonably priced, incredibly effective, and incredibly durable appliances that save operating costs and carbon emissions.

Find out more at: www.rinnaiuk.com