Roundtable – The Role of Hydrogen in the Future Energy Mix – Tuesday 14 July at 1pm

As part of Installer’s #NetZeroFESTIVAL (17-19 July), Baxi is sponsoring and taking part in a debate between industry experts around ‘The Role of Hydrogen in the Future Energy Mix.’
With hydrogen predicted to be one of the key low-carbon technologies used to aid in the UK’s journey to Net Zero emissions, the debate will unpack how this future fuel could change the heating landscape. Participants will discuss the current hydrogen landscape, the development of the technology, how testing is currently progressing, and crucially what all of this means for installers.
Tuesday 14 July at 1pm
You’ll be able to watch the discussion LIVE on our social media and YouTube channels.
Jeff House – Head of External Affairs at Baxi
Steve Sutton – Technical Manager at the HHIC
Thomas Isaac – Principle Engineer at Progressive Energy Ltd
Jim McClelland – Editor at SustMeme Magazine
Heidi Genoni – Programme and Project Manager at Arup
The expert panel will be giving the leading boiler manufacturer’s perspective on hydrogen. Drawing from Baxi’s research and development in the field, Jeff will explain how the company sees hydrogen as a potential part of the solution for decarbonising the millions of homes that presently rely on natural gas.
Jeff explains: “As members of the Hydrogen Taskforce, Baxi advocates for the continued research and investment into hydrogen technology as a low-carbon alternative to natural gas. Our involvement in projects such as HyDeploy and Hy4Heat, along with the hydrogen boiler that our parent company BDR Thermea has in place in Rozenberg, NL, puts us in a unique position to be able to draw on real findings and experience. Using these insights, we can address the questions around the viability of the technology and how easily it can be implemented.”
Many installers want to know more about what transitioning to a low-carbon economy means for them, in addition to how training and support will be offered to upskill in order to install more low-carbon technologies as we journey to net zero. The debate will address the various pathway predictions.
Jeff adds: “Installers are at the heart of everything we do at Baxi, and this is certainly true of our work we are doing around decarbonisation research and development. Heating professionals are an integral part of the journey to net zero and we want to make sure they are up to date and involved in the discussion surrounding hydrogen, together with other technologies which will form part of the net zero future.”

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