Sack off

Soaring Scousers

Cor blimey! Who saw that coming then? Certainly not yours truly that’s for sure. City smashing United like that! It’s unheard of I tell ya. United looked weak and seem like they lacked some self-belief. They would of benefited from one of my new motivational speeches I’m currently doing. I would have put em straight and told em to pull their finger out. Terrible performance from a team trying to defend their trophy.
Looks like the German money man brought some magic to Arsenal. Sitting pretty on top now, but for how long? Always prone to injuries, their squad go down quicker than the Titanic.
First sacking of the season has come though ain’t it. Are we surprised? 5 games in and DiCanio gets the chop, and he leaves Sunderland! Gotta tell you though didn’t see that coming after 5 games what a joker. You see him at the end of the West Brom game confronting the fans?!What was he expecting? A civilised chat over a pie and pint? If you ask me they should get Di Matteo back in, he’s one I-talian who knows how to deliver results in style and let’s not forget he does it without the fascism wa-hey!
Right, short and sweet that’s me done you mugs. See you on match day! Spurs Chelsea what a corker! Pony on…
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