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David Cameron today expressed his determination to get Britain behind fracking.


  1. Lies all lies, to make some other corporation filthy rich… He can not control British Gas, The Electric companies, The Water, The phones They are all out of control and there is nothing this Government is prepared to do about it.
    Bring on that election….

  2. “We are all in this together”…Since when?! Do not trust this Camoron man! Do not trust this coalition or any political party to come! We the people are superfluous and expendable and will never be allowed to get in the way of a despots need to dominate…wake up England!!!

  3. This is a promise made when they discovered GAS in the North Sea.
    Free gas for all!! The energy companies now make the profit at the well because they own the suppliers. This way they can prove to be making very small profits on supplying it to the consumers. This also happens with the OIL & PETROL companies. That is why prices are high at the pumps and retailers say they make very little profit.
    Petrol prices used to show a difference of approximate 1d per gallon now it varies by 3p or 4p per litre or 20p per gallon.

  4. Christopher Flaherty EngTech MCIPHE

    Talk is cheap, they keep saying fuel bills would go down, well how much by, 60 – 70% that may be worth it, but I very much doubt it will be that much, probably in the region of 0.5% – 1% if at all so not worth it.
    We have been lied to so much, we are told to renew your boiler to save energy and reduce your fuel bills, so like many others I fitted a new efficient condensing boiler in my home, do I save money, NO, because the energy companies put up their costs to compensate for the fact of people using less energy, their shareholders will not accept a drop in profits, so energy efficiency its all nonsense, it just means the energy companies can keep their profits as high as ever even when supplying less energy

  5. The fracker’s are getting their snouts in it again!
    Go solar before they tax it.


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