Sentinel launches Corrosion Monitor SCU

Sentinel has announced the launch of its Corrosion Monitor SCU for commercial applications.
Using cutting-edge technology to provide simple advance warning of system corrosion, Sentinel’s Corrosion Monitor SCU will give users greater control over a common and expensive problem.
Corrosion Monitor SCU uses intelligent sensor technology to measure the real-time corrosion rate within the heating system and raises an alarm when corrosion exceeds acceptable levels, allowing for immediate action to prevent expensive component and system failures. The product is simple to install on new and existing systems and includes free dashboard software for in-depth corrosion analysis.
Speaking about the launch of the monitor, Chris Shelton, Commercial Sales Director at Sentinel said: “Corrosion Monitor SCU is a great addition to commercial product portfolio. Boiler manufacturers recognise the damaging effects of corrosion, with warranties sometimes becoming invalid if damage has been caused by poor water treatment and resulting corrosion. Our monitor will enable building owners to quickly identify issues and act before costly damage is caused.”
“We’re sure that commercial customers will see cost benefits versus the current options and our dashboard will make analysis simple. Combined with our chemicals to clean and protect systems the monitor will ensure low corrosion levels are maintained throughout the life of the heating system.”
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