Shower first-fix made easier with Walraven’s RSWB


The Britclips® RSWB was originally designed for fixing electrical boxes and pipes between joists, but it is also really useful for first-fixing showers.

The RSWB can be quickly and easily fixed to joists to secure shower valves and all the associated pipework for shower installs. They can be positioned in any direction, close together for the valve fixings, and even overlap each other as can be seen here in this installation by HBS Plumbing & Heating. Craig said this installation was “..way too easy with these brackets from Walraven…great time-saving system”.

Complete fixing solution

Shower first-fix also involves securing hot and cold water supply pipes and waste water pipes which can also be fixed with RSWBs. So where traditionally you may have cut numerous wooden noggins to make the installation, you can now save time with ready-made metal noggins. The RSWB is easier and more convenient to use because it is adjustable in length, with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy fixing.

Here is a great install by Eco Plumb Hull showing how RSWBs can be used throughout a shower first-fix. Eco Plumb Hull commented: “Really versatile bracket that certainly speeds things up.”

So why use RSWBs for shower first-fix?

  • Strong surface to fix to
  • Quicker and easier than wooden noggins
  • Two sizes available so can span joists 25-60cm
  • Versatile in use – fix the shower valves, pipe runs, waste water pipes and more
  • Available in boxes of 50 for you to keep a supply to-hand
  • Installers think they are a game changer!

Buy online now! Find out where to buy RSWB’s here. They are available to buy online or from a selection of merchants. To find out more about the product, see more installation examples, or request a sample, visit our RSWB web page.