Six and out

Soaring Scousers

Hit for 6! Who saw that coming eh?! After all those bees and honey Spurs spent in the summer and they get shamed like that.
I hear AVB is on the ropes now, this could be his last game if he doesn’t pull something outta of his sky rocket! All them big players and not one goal for them at the Etihad. That’s beyond poor, I just can’t get my loaf around it. If I was running that club and had my millions spent on big guns for nothing I’d be fuming.
Lucky for them they ain’t got a hard nose geezer like me at the helm.
City though showing they got the quality but lose the minerals on the road. We’ll see how many they put pass the Swans this weekend. I’m sticking a pony on 7!
Arsenal and Chelsea starting to buck up their efforts for a title push, Jose starting to get back into the groove of things by the looks of it. Chelski hosting the Saints won’t be easy but I’m sure celery will be sprinkled in delight once they claim the 3 points.
Right enough jib from me, remember your last chance to get your dirty mits on some FA Cup tickets for this month!