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  1. We had an Atag System Boiler for 18 years which was still working when in May 2017 it was replaced with an IC27 Eco combi. The System boiler had a Brain II which was straight forward to use. Not so the One Controller.

    Tip: Remember that the One Controller is a client in normal use not a server. This means it cannot be seen by hackers parked on the road, all they will see is your home network SSID. No hacker can take control of your heating and hot water.

    To make changes put your One in discovery (server) mode by tapping the blue dot and side arrow until you see Settings/Wifi Configuration/Wifi Reconfiguration. The One SSID is now visible to one and all and logon is unsecured.

    Use you tablet or phone Wifi setting to find the One and connect to it. The Wifi bars light up to say you are connected. Make your changes and then log out of your app. Reconnect your phone or tablet to your home network using its SSID and password.

    On the app login screen tap Wi-fi configuration and find your home wifi network. It may take a few goes to do this. Enter your SSID and password a green tick will appear indicationg success. Close your app and relaunch to log back in. You are now connected to your One in client mode. Same goes for the portal. The portal gives you graphing by the way.

    Some internet providers dont use an SSID and password so the One will not be suitable for you. We use a specific gateway IP address and the One does not allow entry of this and is probably why we only see it in client mode plus the wifi bars don’t light up in normal us.

    Experience with the One Controller is much richer (no pun intended) than the Brain II. Atag can see your boiler and advise you over the phone when error messages such as low water pressure come up. As of writing we are using a 2nd gen One, release 46. The IC27 Eco combi is an excellent boiler thats easy to install but experienced and IT savvy installers are a rarity. Atag cater for installers but installers understandably shy away from supporting the One Controller.


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