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  1. I agree Erp is flawed

  2. Westbury plumbing and heating

    Erp needs to be stopped I think every heating engineer will say no to this

  3. Bullseye!

  4. I agree with you completely. Very openended. Who makes these rules for the UK. To many flaws. Can it be stopped or postponed

  5. Wow, sense at last!!
    Why does no one ever consult us installers , before all these new schemes & initiatives start?
    We know far more in general & have the practical experience, of what actually works.
    Well said!

  6. I have been researching Erp this evening as I am nearing completion of a replacement boiler job. I also have a few complete systems in the pipeline.
    I whole heartedly agree with all the concerns in this article. I would also like to add a pass on a paragraph fro the Registered Gas Installer magazine (August 2015):
    “Gas engineers supplying a complete heating system will be responsible for creating and providing householders with the energy label and fiche. However they are not required to supply a package label if they are installing a boiler only or a boiler plus hot water cylinder as these are not defined as ‘packages’ or ‘systems’ under the directive.”
    Tony Gard

  7. What I struggle with is , why produce the fische post installation , when Joe punter go’s to buy a washer etc the label is on the machine , the punter can then make an informed choice , surely we need to produce the fische at point of quotation !!
    I brought this up at a Plumbcentre meeting in April , and no one had a answer .

  8. Erp is flawed: I agree with your fair analogy and further add.
    How on earth do these gas boilers attain an A rating with a cop of less than 100% compared to a heat pump cop of around 300% which only musters a rating of A+
    This disparagement does not make sense.
    And why oh why do we not have hydrogen boilers/generators
    Is there some market manipulation here.

  9. I completely agree with Chris Flaherty, ERP is another EU tickbox scheme no doubt generated by some graduate who has never done a practical job in his/her life, which in it’s present form is useless and just another gimmick!
    The real problem is that if it’s taken to a correct level who is going to pay for our time spent on assessing the whole system and house accurately? The customer who just wants (or can just afford?) their boiler replaced? It opens another can of worms in the trade as those of us who do our best to do it right will be undermined (read undercut) by the flyby nights who take the shortest route to profit?
    It seems the EU & it’s commissioners waste a lot of our taxes thinking up half baked schemes that add cost but no real value!

  10. Absolutely correct we are being beuraurrcat led not industry advised . What about magna clean devices they improve overall efficiency . Or is erp being led by control manufacturers

  11. It is my considered opinion that in reality less than 5% of new boilers will have these new certificates correctly filled in and presented to the customer. Look how long it has taken to get the Benchmark filled in !

  12. erp is wonderful. so is replacing all diesel vehicles, all light bulbs and having 6 different garbage lorries on the road instead of one.


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