Survival of the fittest

Modules alone will not be enough to keep manufacturers afloat in the solar PV market of the future, says Ben Hill.
Instead, they must move with the times and reposition themselves as holistic solutions providers.
Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated… Representatives of the UK solar PV industry may have been tempted to turn to Mark Twain’s famous remark to address recent, somewhat-sensationalist claims that reductions to Feed-in Tariff levels will kill the UK solar market.
Certainly, the industry has gone through some challenging times, but the current level of 16p/kWh continues to represent good value for consumers. Feed-in Tariffs have played a crucial role in establishing solar PV in the public consciousness and making it financially viable for installers and consumers. They will continue to do so even as we move towards a self-sustaining industry in which they are no longer required.
The Government’s recently-unveiled agenda for the gradual phasing out of the subsidy will provide a measure of predictability for the market, helping installers plan for and adapt to changes more confidently and effectively.
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