Sustainability sells – How installers can maximise demand for eco-friendly products


Consumer interest in environmental issues has driven demand for eco-friendly products, so it’s vital that installers know what sustainable water softening products are available, says Dario Palumbo, marketing manager at Monarch Water:

The stark warnings from Sir David Attenborough and leading scientists, about the environmental catastrophes that are heading our way if we don’t protect the earth, has put sustainability well and truly in the spotlight.

As world leaders debate the best course of action at COP26, installers can too play their part by offering customers sustainable solutions for their homes. Doing so will not only help to decrease energy consumption in UK homes, but increase installers’ profits.

Natural disaster

Although most people in developed countries take water for granted and rarely consider its role in their carbon footprint, its quality can have a huge impact on homes’ energy efficiency.

Hard water can have a significant detrimental impact on people’s homes in the form of limescale. The fact that 60% of UK homes are connected to a hard water supply means that limescale build up and the associated problems affect large numbers of people.

Every year, the average family produces around 70kg of limescale, which can have a huge impact on the energy efficiency of homes. In fact, according to British Water just 1.6mm of scale on a heating element can make it 12% less efficient and 3mm almost 25% less efficient. Not only does this mean that any household equipment that heats water, such as boilers, showers, dishwashers and washing machines, are using more energy to heat water, but it’s costing households more in terms of electricity too.

Knowledge is power

By furnishing customers with the facts about limescale and introducing an affordable and sustainable solution, in the form of high efficiency water softeners, installers can help their customers protect their homes, reduce energy bills and minimise their environmental impact.

Not only can modern water softeners extend the working life of household appliances by protecting the sensors and heating elements from the harmful effects of limescale build up, but equipment will produce better results. In fact, consumers that install water softeners can expect savings of around £400 a year thanks to lower utility bills and reduced consumption of cleaning chemicals and detergents.

The fact that water softeners are compatible with any boiler means every household is a potential customer. Not only do these machines prevent future limescale build up, but remove any existing deposits too, meaning all household equipment will be running at optimum efficiency.

Hi-Flow Rapid-Fit bypass for easy installation

Sustainable solutions

High efficiency water softeners are the ultimate solution to limescale caused by hard water and there is a wide range of options to suit every household or business need. Compact, sustainable and easy to install, Monarch Water’s HE Electric range is more energy efficient than their equivalent counterparts, using 12% less salt and 24% less water.

The latest models to join the range are the Ultra HE and Premio HE, battery-operated twin tank duplex series metered softeners, with their high capacity making them suitable for a range of applications. With flow rates of up to 61 and 65 respectively, they are the perfect solution to tackle hard water and the problems it causes. They also have WRAS (Regulations Advisory Scheme) approval, which shows they fully comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Byelaws.

As with all the other water softeners in Monarch Water’s HE range, the new Ultra and Premio battery operated softeners also feature Opti-Brining® technology, which means that the units only regenerate the resin that’s been used and consumes 32% less water and 13% less salt than previous models, making it even more sustainable. They also come complete with an installation kit that includes the unique Hi-flow Rapid-Fit bypass, which reduces installation components by up to 80%.

High efficiency water softeners are the ideal solution to protecting customers’ homes from the negative effects from limescale. With all the benefits they offer consumers they are an easy sell for installers who can add this lucrative line of revenue to their businesses.

Monarch Water’s top water softener installation tips:

  • Fit for purpose – Check the softener is the correct model relating to the relevant family size
  • Close contact – It’s vital that there is a drain and overflow facility near the proposed location of the softener
  • Get switched on – Ensure there is a plug socket in close proximity when installing an electric model
  • Quality counts – Purchase from an established and reputable manufacturer that has home based service engineer support
  • Easy access – Make sure there is sufficient space to access the unit to refill salt
  • Official backup – Opt for products with WRAS approval