Swarfega is raising awareness of occupational skin disorders for Global Handwashing Day

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of frequent, effective handwashing as one of the most important ways to promote good health.
Skin care experts at Swarfega takes a look at the importance of handwashing in the trades:
This year for Global Handwashing Day, we at Swargefa are spreading the word on occupational skin disorders (OSDs) and how ineffective skin care can significantly affect workers.
OSDs themselves are widely underestimated – they are far more common than many people think. They affect a huge number of those who work with their hands – in fact, around 40% of workers will be affected at some point in their career according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.
So why are these disorders so common in plumbers? Direct contact with contaminants and irritants is the top factor – whether via contaminated surfaces or tools, or immersion in the substance itself. Dust and cleaning products can also have adverse effects on skin condition – as can water itself. Perhaps most significantly for installers, having damp or wet hands for long periods of time without proper skin care, could lead to an unpleasant OSD.
Some warning signs of OSDs can be bleeding or cracked skin, or sore, swollen and itchy hands. Often seen as just another occupational hazard, a change to skin care is essential if any of these symptoms are experienced.
Making hand cleaners since 1947, skin care experts Swarfega know a thing or two about skin care for working hands and gave us the following advice when it comes to handwashing:

  • Use an appropriate cleaner for the type of soiling on your skin. There are a range of strengths and types, but as a rule, you should aim for the mildest cleaner that will get your hands clean.
  • Begin the day with a protection cream – this will help to protect the skin and make cleaning your hands easier.
  • End the day with a restorative cream which will help replenish the skin and restore its natural oils.

Spreading the word this Global Handwashing Day is vital when it comes to tackling OSDs. The right products and skin care routine could help improve poor skin condition and therefore wellbeing in your workplace – an easy solution to a widespread problem.
For non-greasy, effective products that work as hard as you, find out more on toughbs.com or contact Swarfega at swarfega@scj.com.

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