Switchee partners with City Plumbing to revolutionise social housing management 

Switchee has partnered with City Plumbing to provide a quick and easy procurement and distribution route for Switchee products for social housing providers and their contractors.   

Switchee is the largest platform of internet-connected devices for social housing receiving over 8 billion data points a year, giving real-time actionable insights into property performance. Switchee is working with over 120 housing providers to help improve the quality of life for people living in rented homes. The Switchee personalised dashboard empowers social landlords to proactively identify properties at risk of condensation, damp or mould and flag potential fuel poverty with data collected by the smart thermostat control installed in residents’ homes.

The collaboration is another example of Switchee helping social housing landlords to deliver more for less to their residents. It comes at a time when providers are being called to account by the government to speedily address mould and damp issues in their housing stock. Data from the Regulator of Social Housing estimates that 3-4% of social housing homes have notable mould and damp and 1-2% have serious mould and damp problems. However, Switchee’s data suggests that this is an underestimate, with potentially up to 46% of social housing homes having damp problems; highlighting the need to respond to the issue swiftly and at scale.

Maxine Wiltshire-Frost, National Sales Director, at City Plumbing said: “The future is digital and no more so than in the housing sector. Challenges drive innovation and, as heating and plumbing specialists, we want to be leading the charge when it comes to digital innovation, serving our social housing customers with total solutions that address the current issues they are facing. By partnering with businesses like Switchee, we facilitate access to next-generation technology for our customers with speed and convenience.”

Tom Robins, Switchee CEO added: “City Plumbing is a forward-thinking partner. Their business model has evolved to embrace new, innovative technologies and solutions that bring enhanced benefits to customers and the wider community. Switchee customers now have the advantage of leveraging existing procurement arrangements, or establishing new ones, with City Plumbing for swift and seamless delivery of products at a local level.”

Social housing providers and their contractors can order and receive deliveries of, or collect, Switchee devices within 24 hours from any of City Plumbing’s 370 branches.