10 point plan

WernerCo launches new Werner Linking Platform PRO

WernerCo has launched the new Werner Linking Platform PRO, which enables users to expand the available work surface area by up to 400%. The Linking Platform Pro’s unique design enables the linking of up to four platforms to create one extra-large, sturdy and hardwearing work surface that allows painters, decorators and tradesmen to keep working […]

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Green Industrial Revolution – Power to the people or blowing hot air?

The UK has set the ambitious target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. It’s a huge task that will require reform in a large number of areas. However, with around 15% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions attributed to residential buildings, it is one that certainly calls for a rethink in how we heat our […]

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Ten Point Plan represents “a significant statement of intent” – Says Baxi’s Jeff House

Following the government’s announcement of a Ten Point Plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’, Jeff House, Head of External Affairs at Baxi Heating, gives his view: The Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan represents a significant statement of intent, and while we welcome the commitments and ambitions, these will need to be backed up with detailed policy […]

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