Self-employed people are the least stressed in the UK – says new research

New research by AXA Business Insurance busts some of the most prevalent myths about being self-employed in today’s Britain. According to the survey, part of the company’s annual Stress Index, those working for themselves are less stressed, have a better work-life balance and better mental wellbeing than everyone else. Pain points did emerge, however: being […]

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Research claims there's a "new generation of tradespeople"

Research by AXA reveals that a new generation of tradespeople is arising. Far from being short on skills, these younger people are bringing a greater diversity of backgrounds and talents to the building trade. The popular image of a tradesman is someone who left school at sixteen, worked on the job and then cemented that […]

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Tradesmen spend 22% of their time rescuing DIY jobs

DIY on a Sunday is as much a part of the British weekend as woodland walks and pub lunches. Tradesmen, meanwhile, brace themselves for the calls for rescue on a Monday morning. A&E visits, lost work days and property damage are also part of the picture according to a new study by AXA Insurance. DIY […]

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Are tradespeople suffering from "cowboy" stereotype?

New research from AXA Insurance bucks the ‘cowboy builder’ stereotype, but finds tradesmen and women are under-rated by their customers and suffer from unfavourable typecasting.  Despite acknowledging positive personal experiences, 60% of people surveyed said it’s fair to label tradespeople as ‘cowboys’ or ‘rogue traders’, and 20% said they’re afraid of being ‘ripped off’ when they […]

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