Battery storage

Ofgem clarification removes barrier to battery storage for 900,000 solar homes

Updated technical guidance by Ofgem has been released, that clarifies the treatment of existing payments for homes that currently export solar power to the grid and that want to install battery storage and smart meters. The clarification is good news for existing solar homes looking to invest in battery storage alongside a smart meter because […]

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The myths and realities about battery storage

Ian Murray, managing director of UK-based battery manufacturer Powerflow Energy, answers the difficult questions that informed consumers will be asking before parting with their money for a battery storage system. Q: What’s the biggest concern for consumers looking into battery storage? We’re seeing massive growth in companies using telemarketing to target the baby boomer generation […]

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Solar industry celebrating as HMRC announces 5% rate of VAT on battery storage when installing with new PV system

The Solar Trade Association (STA) is celebrating securing a 5% rate of VAT on battery storage for householders installing a storage system alongside a new solar PV system. The win significantly improves the economics of installing solar + storage and brings the VAT treatment of storage in line with the treatment of household fuels, grid […]

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Amount of installed battery storage systems set to grow sharply

Global battery energy storage system (BESS) installed capacity is set to grow from 1.5 Gigawatts (GW) in 2015 to over 14 GW by 2020, says new research. According to GlobalData, large numbers of projects are planned to be commissioned over the forecast period due to increasing renewable installations and focus on grid stability. The company’s latest […]

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Is battery storage set to transform the renewables industry?

According to industry experts, battery storage is set to transform the renewables industry; constituting ‘the second residential solar revolution’. However, there’s still a long way to go, particularly when it comes to ensuring we have the skill-sets needed to propel this unique technology forward.  Here, Steve Everard – Head of Rexel Energy Solutions – advises. […]

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