Government urged to treat e-bike batteries like fireworks

Batteries for e-bikes and e-scooters should be regulated like fireworks and heavy machinery to better ensure their safety, in a move that would mimic New York City, a new report says.  The recommendation, in a new report, titled Battery Breakdown, by charity Electrical Safety First, would see batteries for e-bikes and e-scooters need third-party approval before […]

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Powervault launches P4 AI-powered modular energy storage system

Powervault has launched the P4, their most powerful energy storage solution yet. Due to its modular design, backup power options and AI technology, the P4 has received positive feedback from the building industry and installers. Best suited for bigger homes and commercial properties, the P4 has a larger battery and inverter than the PVCompact, allowing […]

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Second-life batteries: reuse needs to sit alongside design for recycling 

Matthew Lumsden, CEO at Connected Energy, takes a look at the challenges and opportunities in the battery industry in 2023: Battery Day is on 18 February, and celebrates the convenience that batteries bring to our everyday lives – in our phones, our computers, our electronics, our cars and our energy storage. This year batteries are […]

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