Webinar: How to get the most out of the Benchmark installer app

This session – sponsored by Wolseley UK – will demonstrate how to use the new Benchmark installer app, which digitises the Benchmark checklist to streamline the process and encourage a ‘whole life’ approach to boiler care. We’ll touch upon the history of the app –including why it has been created – and look at how […]

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New installer app for Benchmark Checklist launched

The Benchmark Checklist is being digitised with new apps for both installers and customers, to encourage a ‘whole life’ approach to boiler care. Separate apps for installers and homeowners will act as information portals detailing boiler installation and servicing history for the operational lifetime of the boiler. This will make it easier for heating engineers […]

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Over three million UK households have NEVER had their boiler serviced

Over three million UK households have never had their boiler serviced, according to research from the Benchmark Steering Group.  Benchmark raises standards in installation, commissioning and servicing. The group are responsible for policy and management issues concerning the Benchmark Scheme.  Click here to watch our panel discussion with Benchmark about this report. The survey of 2,000 people […]

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Webinar: Updates to Benchmark – What installers need to know

The issue of annual boiler servicing is one that is never far from the plumbing and heating news agenda. Installers know it is important, manufacturers stipulate it as part of their warranty, and yet a recent survey of homeowners has shown that fit and forget culture is rife among consumers.  To support the launch of […]

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How to power flush

This training video has been produced to help you understand the development, operation and advantages of Powerflushing heating systems courtesy of Fernox.

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